Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, & Rage

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Filmmaker Garret Price chats with Trey Elling about his new HBO Max documentary, WOODSTOCK 99: PEACE, LOVE, & RAGE. Questions include:

  • What were his memories of that disastrous festival going into this project?
  • How well-prepared were the security guards?
  • What insight about the weekend did Moby provide?
  • Considering it didn’t rain that weekend, why did the grounds get so muddy?
  • When did he decide to explore the dichotomy between the social awareness brought about by grunge earlier in the decade, and the machismo physiology that took over when Cobain died?
  • How responsible was Fred Durst for the worsening of conditions with his performance on Saturday night?
  • When did he decide to use what was the perfect song for the end credits?
  • Will there ever be another Woodstock?