Wisdom From the Wild

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Former zoo & aquarium senior leader and leadership consultant Julie C. Henry chats with Trey Elling about WISDOM FROM THE WILD: THE NINE UNBREAKABLE LAWS OF LEADERSHIP FROM THE ANIMAL KINGDOM.

  • What is leadership? (00:57)
  • What is the mangrove method, as it relates to change? (01:17)
  • What does Julie mean by, “one person’s spider is another’s sea otter”? (04:02)
  • Why are baby sea turtles worth remembering during difficult changes? (04:56)
  • What can leaders learn from the relationship between giraffes and termites? (07:19)
  • How can a coral reef help with the structural foundation of a team? (08:22)
  • Why are pelicans so resilient? (09:32)
  • How are sea cucumbers good examples of thriving? (10:37)
  • What’s so special about the platypus? (12:30)