Poupelle of Chimney Town

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Primetime Emmy-winning actor Tony Hale chats with Trey Elling about the new animated film, POUPELLE OF CHIMNEY TOWN, for which Tony voiced the title character. Questions include:

  • What is POUPELLE OF CHIMNEY TOWN? (01:01)
  • Does he seek out projects with positive, uplifting themes in 2021? (01:57)
  • Based on his character’s secret skill, what surprising skill does Tony possess? (03:34)
  • What is Tony’s biggest fear? (04:41)
  • Since his character got jumped in the film, when was the last time Tony got into a fistfight, and how’d it turn out? (05:36)
  • What is an example of modern oppression that Tony loves to see people pushing back on? (06:26)
  • What is the proper Christmas tip for the garbage man? (07:05)
  • Who are what led to Tony conducting himself in such a gracious manner in an industry with a reputation of doing the opposite? (08:31)