#Ohlson, Kristin

Sweet in Tooth and Claw

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Portland-based writer and author Kristin Ohlson chats with Trey Elling about SWEET IN TOOTH AND CLAW: STORIES OF GENEROSITY AND COOPERATION IN THE NATURAL WORLD. Topics include:

  • Harvesting trees while keeping a forest healthy (1:14)
  • Dead salmon’s contribution to the forest network (5:17)
  • Bees sometimes cheating mutualism with pollenating flowers (7:03)
  • Relaxed selection versus natural selection (9:10)
  • How viral infections helped with human evolution (13:57)
  • Humans emit a lot of bacteria and…fungi? (16:15)
  • The spread of germs can be beneficial (17:33)
  • The effect of sugary junk food on the gut microbiome (20:13)
  • How an area in Nevada transformed from desert into wetland (21:52)
  • Regenerative agriculture (28:42)
  • Coral snot and island bid poop as other examples of mutualism (35:31)
  • Whether cities’ attempts to build nature into concrete jungles has paid off (40:01)