Journalist and author Henry Sanderson chats with Trey Elling about VOLT RUSH: THE WINNERS AND LOSERS IN THE RACE TO GO GREEN. Topics include:

  • Why electric vehicles didn’t catch on initially in the early 1900s (2:01)
  • How Exxon gets partial credit for discovering the lithium battery (4:37)
  • China as the world’s ‘battery superpower’ (7:54)
  • Lithium’s path from ground to battery (11:40)
  • Cobalt’s path from ground to battery (18:11)
  • Nickel’s path from ground to battery (26:04)
  • The shocking amount of copper needed in electric vehicles (30:21)
  • Deep sea mining as the next ‘great’ frontier for EV materials (35:03)
  • Possible solutions to a finite amount of inhumanely sourced materials (38:44)