San Fransicko

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Environmental & social justice advocate, journalist, and bestselling author Michael Shellenberger chats with Trey Elling about SAN FRANSICKO: WHY PROGRESSIVES RUIN CITIES. Questions include:

  • What caused San Francisco’s problem with homelessness to worsen over the past decade? (00:47)
  • Why did then-mayor Gavin Newsom’s 10-year plan to combat homelessness fail so miserably? (03:00)
  • How do people misinterpret Portugal as a utopia for drug decriminalization/legalization? (05:09)
  • What did he learn from two trips to the Netherlands in 2019 about productively assisting the homeless? (07:19)
  • How big an issue is people profiteering off of a ‘homeless industrial complex’? (11:54)
  • What is contingency management intervention, and why is it effective at helping drug addicts? (16:01)
  • Why does labeling drug addicts and the mentally ill as ‘homeless’ manipulate our thinking? (19:40)
  • How did an attempt at a Tent City utopia in Seattle in the summer of 2020 ultimately turn out? (22:06)
  • What is a lesser-known aspect of the Harvey Milk’s story that’s helpful when considering solutions for homelessness? (28:02)