Award-winning professor and writer Bart Elmore chats with Trey Elling about SEED MONEY: MONSANTO’S PAST AND OUR FOOD FUTURE. Questions include:

  • What does Coca Cola have to do with Monsanto’s earliest days?
  • When did Monsanto get into agricultural chemicals and pesticides?
  • Was Monsanto actively covering up the potential harms of the chemicals the produced 50+ years ago?
  • What is the Technology Use Agreement (TUA) Monsanto requires farmers to sign who use their genetically engineered seeds?
  • How influential is Monsanto within local, state, and federal governments?
  • Why did Bayer buy Monsanto in 2018, considering all of the legal problems piling up for the latter?
  • Have GE crops improved food production, like MOnsanto has promised since the 1990s?