Award-winning filmmaker Sean Baker, whose credits include THE FLORIDA PROJECT and TANGERINE, chats with Trey Elling about RED ROCKET. The dark comedy stars Simon Rex as an aging porn star who returns to his hometown and a cadre of people from his past, most of whom are leery of parasitic ways. Questions include:

  • Why did he chose Texas City, TX as the film’s locale? (01:32)
  • How did he land on Simon Rex to play the lead? (03:05)
  • What convinced Sean to cast Suzanna Son as ‘Strawberry’? (04:28)
  • Was it tough to get NSYNC to sign off on the film’s usage of “Bye Bye Bye”? (06:06)
  • Is there a specific film or director that influenced his abrupt audio cuts? (06:48)
  • Why does he like telling stories through socioeconomically disadvantaged lives? (07:56)
  • What’s the key to telling a good story? (09:47)
  • Was it a prosthetic? (12:38)
  • Does he typically consider where his story is headed after the end credits roll? (12:57)