The Tailored Brain

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Journalist and science writer Emily Willingham chats with Trey Elling about THE TAILORED BRAIN: FROM KETAMINE, TO KETO, TO COMPANIONSHIP, A USER’S GUIDE TO FEELING BETTER AND THINKING SMARTER. Questions include:

  • Why does the brain burn so much energy, even when it isn’t doing much? (03:04)
  • Can brain game apps translate to increased performance in real life? (10:41)
  • Do any drugs enhance cognitive load, a la Bradley Cooper in Limitless? (13:53)
  • How much does exercise help with cognition? (14:45)
  • Can socioeconomics impact cognitive functioning? (18:04)
  • Neurologically speaking, how does empathy work? (20:27)
  • Is there a common mistake made when thinking about stress in modern times? (25:44)
  • Do psychedelics help with anxiety? (28:45)
  • Why do ‘memory athletes’ remember so much better than the average person? (32:58)
  • How can temporary depression be valuable to the individual? (36:50)
  • Can psychedelics help with depression? (39:20)
  • Do Omega 3s or vitamin D combat depression? (40:48)
  • How does sugar negatively affect creativity? (43:41)