The Good Life Method

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University of Notre Dame philosophy professors Meghan Sullivan & Paul Blaschko chat with Trey Elling about THE GOOD LIFE METHOD: REASONING THROUGH THE BIG QUESTIONS OF HAPPINESS, FAITH, AND MEANING. Questions include:

  • What is the Good Life Method? (1:25)
  • What is our function as humans? (4:05)
  • How does ‘bullshit’ keep one from the good life? (7:08)
  • Why are philosophers so enamored with ‘caves’ as a metaphor? (15:12)
  • How important is financial wealth for the good life? (18:01)
  • Why is taking responsibility an important quality? (24:46)
  • What is the attentive mind as it relates to love? (38:46)
  • What question do they like to ask people to get to know them better? (42:43)
  • What is God? (48:34)
  • Why does stoicism come up when they write about contemplating one’s purpose? (53:28)
  • How have Paul and Meghan prepared for death? (1:02:23)