License To Parent

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Former CIA spy Christina Hillsberg chats with Trey Elling on LICENSE TO PARENT: HOW MY CAREER AS A SPY HELPED ME RAISE RESOURCEFUL, SELF-SUFFICIENT KIDS. Questions include:

  • How did she end up working in the Central Intelligence Agency? (01:12)
  • Is there a good way to teach kids how to improvise for becoming better prepared? (11:53)
  • What is ‘getting off the X’? (12:51)
  • Why is it important for kids to avoid predictability in being aware of their surroundings? (17:35)
  • What is ‘you, me, same same’? (23:12)
  • How has Christina opened her kids’ eyes to the world to help build rapport with others? (26:22)
  • Why are analytic lead sentences important for teaching children written communication skills? (32:34)
  • Are there good ways to moderate technology with little kids? (37:18)