A Runner’s High

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Ultramarathon legend and bestselling author Dean Karnazes chats with Trey Elling about A RUNNER’S HIGH: MY LIFE IN MOTION. Questions include:

  • Why does he run such long distances in grueling conditions? (02:05)
  • Is the extreme growth of ultramarathoning over the past 20+ years a good thing? (02:54)
  • What’s it like in the days after completing an ultra? (08:18)
  • What is the greatest lesson running has taught him? (14:47)
  • How special was it for his son to help during Dean’s most recent participation in the Western States 100?
  • Why did he break down crying with less than two miles left in the race? (28:31)
  • How many more 100-mile races do his legs and mind have left? (30:39)