How To Take Over the World

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New York Times bestselling author & Eisner-winning writer Ryan North chats with Trey Elling about HOW TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD: PRACTICAL SCHEMES AND SCIENTIFIC SOLUTIONS FOR THE ASPIRING SUPERVILLAIN. Topics include:

  • The book’s origin story (0:25)
  • What a science experiment called Biosphere 2 that started in the 1990s tells us about what it takes to operate a secret lair (1:26)
  • Why it wouldn’t be wise for an aspiring supervillain to take land by soft force when trying to start his or her own country (5:48)
  • Could bad guys clone dinosaurs like they did in Jurassic Park? (9:19)
  • Why is sulfur dioxide a key in possibly controlling the weather? (14:20)
  • Ryan’s defiant opposition to putting political elections on computers (17:28)
  • Why have we not gotten past the crust when attempting to drill to the Earth’s core (24:06)
  • The lack of importance in knowing why we age in achieving immortality (30:02)
  • What Ryan wants to be remembered for (36:44)