Tony Hawk: Until The Wheels Fall Off

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Director Sam Jones chats with Trey Elling about the new HBO documentary, TONY HAWK: UNTIL THE WHEELS FALL OFF.

To hear Trey’s chat with Sam and Tony Hawk on the red carpet during SXSW 2022, click HERE.

Topics include:

  • The first video Sam shot for the documentary (1:00)
  • Exploring the lesser known aspects of Tony’s private life (2:48)
  • Sam’s “unfair advantage” of being a part of the Southern California skateboarding scene in the 1980s (4:55)
  • Stacy Peralta and George Powell providing a ton of archival skating footage (7:20)
  • Getting to watch Tony figure something out (8:58)
  • Making the conscious decision to not have Tony comment in modern times about pulling off his X Games 900 in 1999 (10:12)
  • The most surprising thing Sam learned about Tony (11:47)
  • The most difficult question he asked Tony (15:14)
  • Whether Sam worries about Tony and his desire to keep pushing the limits of skateboarding, regardless of his age (18:53)
  • Sam’s skateboarding limits in 2022 (21:32)
  • The key to taking good pictures (25:56)