Donnell Rawlings

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Comedian and actor Donnell Rawlings chats with Trey Elling before his shows at Moontower Just For Laughs, Austin’s premiere comedy festival. To purchase tickets or badges for Donnell’s shows, click HERE. Topics include:

  • Donnell’s fearless mentality when telling jokes on-stage (2:44)
  • Working with David Simon on HBO’s The Wire (5:38)
  • How serving in the military shaped him as a person (9:19)
  • Starting standup in Washington DC when it was a hotbed for up-and-coming talent (10:45)
  • That epiphanous moment when he realized comedy as a possible career (12:35)
  • Whether crowd work is a part of his act (14:47)
  • A possible special on the horizon (17:47)
  • Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars (19:21)
  • Donnell shares an update on his fortunes (23:11)