Walking With Sam

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Actor, travel writer, director, and bestselling author Andrew McCarthy chats with Trey Elling about ⁠WALKING WITH SAM: A FATHER, A SON, AND FIVE HUNDRED MILES ACROSS SPAIN⁠. Topics include:

  • A brief explanation of the Camino de Santiago (1:19)
  • Andrew’s first journey on the Camino (2:44)
  • Why leaving a city is more agreeable to the nervous system than walking into one (7:56)
  • When his son’s attitude changed during the journey (10:02)
  • The importance of teaching your kids to be present (12:09)
  • Whether Andrew handled the Meseta better the second time around (14:28)
  • Bicyclists on the Camino (16:06)
  • Andrew’s revelation on the impact his films had on 1980s kids (17:10)
  • The key to telling a good story (20:30)
  • Experience being relative to the individual (22:28)
  • The problem with sunflowers (25:20)
  • How the Camino provided for Andrew and his son (25:59)
  • The mental re-adjustment of getting back to daily life after the Camino (27:26)