Robert Kelly

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Standup comedian and podcast/radio host ⁠Robert Kelly⁠ chats with Trey Elling, ahead of his headlining shows at Joe Rogan’s ⁠Comedy Mothership⁠. Topics include:

  • Robert’s initial impression from performing at the Comedy Mothership (0:37)
  • Comparing Austin’s comedy scene to Boston from decades back (3:48)
  • Standup as a destiny (9:01)
  • Performing in arenas vs comedy clubs (14:40)
  • Boston sports hitting the skids over the past few weeks (18:08)
  • Robert’s brilliant disarming of fans at Yankee Stadium when rooting for the Red Sox (19:48)
  • Robert’s son betraying him by rooting for Tampa (21:32)
  • Soccer as a second-rate sport (23:49)