Waco (part 1)

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Award-winning investigative journalist and bestselling author Jeff Guinn chats with Trey Elling about WACO: DAVID KORESH, THE BRANCH DAVIDIANS, AND A LEGACY OF RAGE. In the first- or a two-part conversation, Jeff and Trey discuss the evolution of the Branch Davidians and David Koresh’s rise within the religious organization. Topics include:

  • The book’s genesis (1:26)
  • 20 ATF agents going on-record about Waco for the first time (2:51)
  • How the group originally settled in Waco, TX in the early 1930s (5:44)
  • Legally becoming the “Branch Davidians” (8:24)
  • Koresh’s early days with the Branch Davidians (12:00)
  • Koresh’s first taste of a gun fight (18:41)
  • How the Branch Davidians got into illegal firearms in the early 1990s (21:00)
  • Koresh’s sexual proclamations and the cost of losing Marc Breault as a follower (25:44)
  • Why some defend Koresh’s pedophilia (29:12)