How Medicine Works and When It Doesn’t

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Yale School of Medicine physician and researcher F. Perry Wilson, MD, MSCE, chats with Trey Elling about HOW MEDICINE WORKS AND WHEN IT DOESN’T: LEARNING WHO TO TRUST TO GET AND STAY HEALTHY. Topics include:

  • Goal with the book (0:00)
  • Pharma’s role with patient mistrust (1:57)
  • Pharma’s influence on doctors (6:49)
  • Generic drugs not such an easy fix (10:22)
  • How medical errors commonly lead to death (12:34)
  • Surrogate outcomes (15:50)
  • Getting patients to change their minds for GOOD reasons (17:44)
  • Combatting motivated reasoning (20:44)
  • The “biggest secret in medicine” (26:22)
  • Factoring in side effects when considering a drug (29:32)
  • Doctors’ responsibility to help patients with despair (31:28)
  • Randomized controlled trials, aka RCTs (37:48)
  • How RCTs go wrong (44:19)
  • The difficulty with replication (47:29)
  • Why “open data” isn’t already the standard with RCTs (50:35)
  • The problem with the “middle man” in patient care (53:39)
  • An alternative to the current US healthcare system (57:06)
  • How patients can move closer to doctors by embracing uncertainty (1:00:15)