Toxic Exposure

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Oncologist and hematologist Chadi Nabhan, MD, chats with Trey Elling about TOXIC EXPOSURE: THE TRUE STORY BEHIND THE MONSANTO TRIALS AND THE SEARCH FOR JUSTICE. Dr. Nabhan served as the expert witness on Non Hodgkin Lymphoma for plaintiffs in the first three cases against Monsanto and glyphosate, the primary ingredient in their Roundup herbicide. Topics include:

  • How Chadi’s medical training took focus on oncology and hematology (1:12)
  • Explaining Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (4:23)
  • What made him want testify as an expert witness against Monsanto (5:59)
  • The shadiness behind glyphosate’s initial approval in 1974 (9:58)
  • The EPA’s role in glyphosate not being labeled a carcinogen (13:47)
  • Chad’s first deposition (17:55)
  • Initially meeting the first plaintiff, Lee Johnson (20:14)
  • Swedish research linking glyphosate and cancer (21:45)
  • The Who’s 2015 report that shed light on glyphosate (24:48)
  • Taking the stand in Lee John’s case against Monsanto (28:29)
  • Learning of the guilty verdicts against Monsanto (33:54)
  • Chad’s thoughts on the second and third trials (35:58)
  • Why glyphosate is still allowed commercially, even though it’s no longer sold residentially in the US (37:38)
  • Chad’s podcast, “Healthcare Unfiltered” (41:53)
  • Ideas to help the broken US healthcare system (43:59)