A Hacker’s Mind

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Renowned security technologist and New York Times bestselling author Bruce Schneier chats with Trey Elling about A HACKER’S MIND: HOW THE POWERFUL BEND SOCIETY’S RULES, AND HOW TO BEND THEM BACK. Topics include:

  • A definition of hacking (1:03)
  • The “Double Irish with a Dutch Sandwich” tax hack (2:30)
  • Defending against ‘bad’ hacks (3:34)
  • Why kids are such natural hackers (9:06)
  • Hacking the airlines (12:05)
  • Hacking sports (18:09)
  • Hacking heaven in the 1500s (24:51)
  • A simple computer financial exchange hack (26:47)
  • Luxury real estate as a money-laundering hack for the super-rich (28:05)
  • ‘Too big to fail’ as a hack (29:29)
  • Venture Capital funding as a hack (34:36)
  • How Uber hacks the system (37:09)
  • How elected officials hack lawmaking (39:20)
  • Why US elections are so expensive (42:39)
  • Antitrust laws as a solutions to social media companies hacking cognitive systems (49:20)
  • Solving the political bot problems (52:22)
  • How AI will take hacking to a completely different level (54:55)