To Risk It All

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Retired four-star Admiral James Stavridis chats with Trey Elling about TO RISK IT ALL: NINE CONFLICTS AND THE CRUCIBLE OF DECISION. Topics include:

  • John Paul Jones continuing to fight a battle that was seemingly lost (1:43)
  • Lieutenant Stephen Decatur ‘cutting out’ in Tripoli Harbor (3:08)
  • An amazing example of risk-taking from the US Civil War (4:46)
  • Gut instinct as an element of good decision making (6:37)
  • “Cool Hand” George Dewey and the challenges he overcame with his fleet entering Manilla Bay in 1898 (7:10)
  • A heroic example of risk-taking from a low-ranking figure at Pearl Harbor (10:02)
  • Admiral William “Bull” Halsey as an example of risky decision-making leading to tragic consequences (13:23)
  • The saddest example of lose-lose decision-making in the book (17:42)
  • Rear Admiral Michelle Howard and her team’s rescue of Captain Jim Phillips from Somali pirates (22:19)
  • An unfortunate example of decision-making, relating to the start of the Covid-19 pandemic (27:06)
  • A good example of risk-taking in the face of conflict from Jim’s career (31:48)