Nein, Nein, Nein

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Bestselling author and screenwriter Jerry Stahl chats with Trey Elling about NEIN, NEIN, NEIN: ONE MAN’S TALE OF DEPRESSION, PSYCHIC TORMENT, AND A BUS TOUR OF THE HOLOCAUST. Topics include:

  • Why he decided to go on a Concentration Camp bus tour a few years ago (0:25)
  • Coming to terms with his own depression many years ago (1:12)
  • The added challenge of placating Hollywood while on the bus tour (3:23)
  • Investing in digitally hip luggage before the trip (5:15)
  • Keeping it real on Spielberg’s Schindler’s List while in Kraków (8:18)
  • Feeling a “heavy peace” throughout the trip, including at a Kraków synagogue’s cemetery (10:49)
  • Nazi porn fetish rabbit holes, no pun intended (12:13)
  • One of the many endearing characters on the tour bus through Poland and Germany (15:09)
  • An annoying, hipster influence at Auschwitz (17:59)
  • Modern Auschwitz’ cafeteria scene (20:08)
  • A Dresden, Germany restaurant that would keep kids in line with a fake executioner (23:00)
  • A pit stop in Munich, during Oktoberfest (26:51)
  • The “Bitch of Buchenwald” (29:27)
  • The Nuremberg courtroom being climactic and anti-climactic at the same time (38:36)
  • Concentration Camp fatigue syndrome (40:23)
  • Unique elements at Dachau’s Concentration Camp (41:19)