The Book of Joe

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Joe Maddon, a longtime MLB manager who led the Tampa Bay Rays to their first ever World Series appearance and the Chicago Cubs to their first World Series title in more than 100 years, chats with Trey Elling about THE BOOK OF JOE: TRYING NOT TO SUCK AT BASEBALL AND LIFE. Topics include:

  • The book’s goal (2:14)
  • Slogans helping to get a message across (4:08)
  • A football coach who shaped his leadership style (7:24)
  • How he got into coaching baseball (8:53)
  • His favorite championship (10:52)
  • The importance of struggling (12:48)
  • The hardest player he ever had to cut (16:08)
  • Gene Mauch’s impact on Joe (17:58)
  • The Cubs’ mistreatment of Joe, heading into his final season with the team (19:50)
  • The next ideal managerial situation (21:45)
  • Whether computers should call balls and strikes (24:11)