Art of the Chicken

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James Beard- and Emmy-winning chef, tv personality, and author Jacques Pépin chats with Trey Elling about ART OF THE CHICKEN: A MASTER CHEF’S PAINTINGS, STORIES, AND RECIPES OF THE HUMBLE BIRD. Topics include:

  • What he loves about chickens (1:32)
  • Giving recipes in a narrative style (3:05)
  • Cooking over live fire (5:28)
  • Working at Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Paris (6:29)
  • Moving from France to NYC in 1959 (7:43)
  • Choosing Howard Johnson over the Kennedy White House (8:39)
  • Making chicken cracklings (13:18)
  • The value of a cooked chicken carcass (14:41)
  • Deboning chickens, quickly and correctly (15:00)
  • Why he & Julia Child were lampooned by SNL (15:47)
  • Eggs, the MOST valuable ingredient (18:41)
  • A love for painting AND painting chickens (19:19)