The Ball Came Out

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Multiple Sclerosis ambassador and motivational speaker Tyler Campbell chats with Trey Elling about THE BALL CAME OUT: LIFE FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FIELD. Topics include:

  • Tyler’s goal with the book (3:00)
  • The thing that caused him to let his guard down a bit as a kid (4:36)
  • Growing up as an African American in an affluent, predominantly white community (7:13)
  • How the discovery of football helped him (12:15)
  • An mistake that derailed his life as a junior in high school (15:29)
  • How his mom and dad reacted to that mistake (19:37)
  • Ending up at Pasadena City College in California (27:02)
  • Getting that full ride to play at San Diego State (30:10)
  • Swallowing his pride in making a name for himself on special teams (33:03)
  • The terrifying details of his first experience with Multiple Sclerosis (35:03)
  • Continuing to play football through this debilitating condition (41:08)
  • Becoming an ambassador for MS and a highly sought-after public speaker (46:48)
  • Inheriting Earl’s skill as a public speaker (50:18)
  • The key to a good story (52:14)
  • What his mom means to him (54:51)
  • What his dad means to him (55:44)
  • What his wife means to him (56:37)