Good Arguments

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Former world champion debater Bo Seo chats with Trey Elling about GOOD ARGUMENTS: HOW DEBATE TEACHES US TO LISTEN AND BE HEARD. Topics include:

  • Bo’s goal with the book (0:27)
  • Why disagreement is valuable in human interaction (2:30)
  • Bo’s outright avoidance of conflict changing in 2005 (4:52)
  • The importance of topic analysis for debate (10:38)
  • Why ‘truth’ and ‘importance’ are debate’s two burdens of proof to convince a listener (15:49)
  • Counterclaims as an embodiment for justifiable hope, according to Aristotle (28:14)
  • Why rhetoric has such a negative connotation, and what good rhetoric looks like (32:02)
  • Four qualifications that determine whether an argument is worth pursuing (37:02)
  • How to disarm a name-calling bully in a debate (44:46)
  • The greatest lesson he learned while coaching debate (48:10)
  • Side-switching as another tool to prepare for debate (54:42)