Howie Mandel

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Standup comedian, tv personality, and actor Howie Mandel chats with Trey Elling, ahead of his ⁠April 19th show⁠ at ⁠Moontower Just For Laughs⁠ comedy festival in Austin. Topics include:

  • Performing in Austin (0:51)
  • Serving as a punchline at the start of covid (1:37)
  • The value of discomfort (2:28)
  • Getting passed by Mitzi Shore at the Comedy Store (4:03)
  • His swift ascent in entertainment (7:57)
  • Austin’s rise as a standup mecca (10:44)
  • Howie’s memories of Bill Hicks (11:56)
  • Why standup seems so healthy in 2023 (13:19)
  • Howie taking chances on stage, in contrast to his network persona (15:51)
  • People not washing their hands after using the restroom (17:36)
  • Howie’s limits with Stanley Cup (19:07)
  • A fantastic Stanley Cup joke (20:39)
  • The joy of getting to host the Howie Mandel Does Stuff podcast with hist daughter (21:13)