Bryan Callen

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Standup comedian, podcaster, and actor Bryan Callen chats with Trey Elling, ahead of his participation in ⁠Minds Fest⁠ at ⁠Vulcan Gas Company⁠ on Saturday, April 15th. Topics include:

  • An explanation of Minds Fest (1:36)
  • The importance of having hard conversations (3:04)
  • A concerning potential relevance of certain conspiracies (7:03)
  • Questioning the nefariousness of covid policies (8:36)
  • Stylebender’s knockout win in the UFC over the weekend (12:19)
  • The last time Bryan got knocked out (14:39)
  • Bryan’s initial dream in entertainment (16:26)
  • The value of pursuing dreams (19:41)
  • Checking out Joe Rogan’s Comedy Mothership (23:20)