Dopamine Nation

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Renowned psychiatrist and medical director of Stanford Addiction Medicine Dr. Anna Lembke chats with Trey Elling about DOPAMINE NATION: FINDING BALANCE IN THE AGE OF INDULGENCE. Questions include:

  • What is dopamine, and what does popular culture get wrong about it? (01:27)
  • How does the dopamine economy play into the compulsive abuse of substances and activities? (03:59)
  • How has helicopter parenting contributed to the rise of compulsive behaviors? (05:42)
  • Is mental illness that requires medication being overdiagnosed? (07:08)
  • How do pleasure and pain work like a balance in our brains? (07:49)
  • What effect does gambling have on dopamine release, and how might that help explain social media addiction? (10:53)
  • How does learning increase dopamine firing? (14:48)
  • What is dopamine fasting? (16:55)
  • How does pain become pleasurable? (23:06)
  • Why do people respond so positively to ‘radical honesty’? (26:08)
  • What is prosocial shame, and how can parents implement it with their children? (28:16)
  • What is the proper point of moderation? (32:11)