Tony-winning actor of stage and screen, singer, activist, and writer Alan Cumming chats with Trey Elling about BAGGAGE: TALES FROM A FULLY PACKED LIFE. Questions include:

  • Why was he in such a bad headspace at the age of 29, and what led him to changing his course? (04:46)
  • Around this time, he and his brother confronted their dad about the abuse he subjected them to. How’d that go? (07:03)
  • How big was it to land the role of Sandy Frink in ROMY AND MICHELLE’S HIGH SCHOOL REUNION? (09:55)
  • What was his first impression of Stanley Kubrick on the set of EYES WIDE SHUT, and how’d that experience positively impact him? (15:10)
  • Is there a profound aspect of starring in CABARET on Broadway that he doesn’t get to speak about enough? (19:14)
  • How’d it go when Alan and his castmates, clad in their superhero outfits, confronted Bryan Singer on the set of X2: X-MEN UNITED? (23:20)
  • What does his husband Grant mean to him? (26:23)
  • What did he learn about himself from researching the book? (27:26)