Brittney Reese

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Olympic gold medalist Brittney Reese chats with Trey Elling, prior to her appearance at SXSW 2022. Reese won a gold and two silver medals in long jump during her four Olympic performances for the US. The conversation includes:

  • Speaking at South By as part of a panel on serving as a brand ambassador while staying true to yourself (1:15)
  • Growing up in Mississippi (2:21)
  • The importance of her grandfather, beginning in childhood (3:41)
  • When she realized she was good enough at track to pursue it in college and as a professional (4:56)
  • Getting back into track after initially choosing to play basketball in college (6:12)
  • Why she eventually decided to focus strictly on long jump (8:21)
  • Lessons learned from falling short of the goal during her first Olympics in 2008 (10:25)
  • Winning gold at the 2012 Olympics (12:00)
  • Her happiest moment away from the track (13:52)
  • Setting the American indoor long jump record (14:54)
  • Settling for silver at the 2016 Olympics (15:50)
  • The weirdness surrounding the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (17:39)
  • Whether she’s dealing with the void that arises for a lot of athletes, after they retire (19:10)
  • What fuels her numerous humanitarian efforts (20:09)