Why We Choke Under Pressure

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Neuroscientists Steven Chase & Aaron Batista chat with Trey Elling about research they conducted on monkeys to learn why we struggle to learn under pressure. Topics include:

  • The genesis of this research (1:34)
  • How the monkeys were tested (2:23)
  • The monkeys’ ‘jackpot’ (3:35)
  • What the research found (4:41)
  • The activity in the monkeys’ brains (5:51)
  • The role of the motor cortex (7:41)
  • Examining rhesus macaques over bonobo chimps (9:46)
  • What led Steven and Aaron to studying the brain (11:37)
  • Defining ‘the mind’ (15:14)
  • Examples where Steven and Aaron failed AND succeeded under pressure (18:54)