To The Temple Of Tranquility…And Step On It!

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Actor & environmentalist ⁠Ed Begley Jr⁠ chats with Trey Elling about his new memoir, ⁠TO THE TEMPLE OF TRANQUILITY…AND STEP ON IT!⁠ Topics include:

  • Carrie Fisher’s influence on this book (0:00)
  • What Ed Begley Sr was like as a dad (1:37)
  • Smoking a joint with Charles Manson (2:44)
  • Doing standup with Michael Richards at the Comedy Store in its first week (4:36)
  • How a cop routine got him into trouble (6:10)
  • Having John Lennon fanboy on Ed (9:49)
  • Working for Norman Lear in the 1970s (11:20)
  • Endearing himself to Richard Pryor while filming Blue Collar (12:28)
  • How Jack Nicholson helped him as an actor when making Goin’ South (13:50)
  • Recognizing the good fortune he was born into (16:24)
  • How St. Elsewhere improved him as an actor (18:19)
  • Hosting SNL in 1984 (20:43)
  • Ed’s Larry David story (22:57)
  • Having to squash Marlon Brando’s dream (24:25)
  • Bruno Kirby’s influence on Ed as a person (27:25)
  • How Christopher Guest saved his career (28:58)
  • Working on Arrested Development (30:58)
  • Living with Parkinson’s Disease (32:51)
  • Why the phrase “This is It” means so much (34:56)