The Musical Child

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Pioneering music educator Joan Koenig chats with Trey Elling about THE MUSICAL CHILD: USING THE POWER OF MUSIC TO RAISE CHILDREN WHO ARE HAPPY, HEALTHY, AND WHOLE. Questions include:

  • What are some ways for parents to connect with their children musically, under the age of 1? (07:09)
  • Regarding musical solutions for an upset baby, what is a strategy known as the first intervention? (13:05)
  • How do the results for in-person learning and video learning differ? (16:50)
  • How does creative play positively impact a child’s emotional IQ and social development? (20:44)
  • What is music scribbling? (22:17)
  • Is there a critical age for musical understanding like there is for language acquisition? (24:05)
  • How does music boost self-control, focus, and anticipation, three traits that modern science deems more important than IQ for success and happiness in life? (25:20)
  • Why is Joan less concerned with teaching her young students how to read music? (28:21)
  • Why is improvisation no longer a cornerstone of classical music? (37:10)