The Most Fun Thing

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Skateboarder, writer, and Roosevelt University professor Kyle Beachy chats with Trey Elling about THE MOST FUN THING: DISPATCHES FROM A SKATEBOARD LIFE. Questions include:

  • How has the definition of ‘fun’ evolved, and how does that coincide with the growth of skateboarding? (02:30)
  • Considering how much Kyle gives to skateboarding, what does he get back? (07:18)
  • How do skaters see the world around them differently? (09:37)
  • Is skateboarding an activity that is inherently meant to be won or lost, like in the Olympics or X-Games? (17:49)
  • Is he concerned that Nike will sink its hooks too deeply into the culture, or has it already? (21:48)
  • Why are Vans and skateboarding so important to each important to the other? (25:54)
  • Is skateboarding becoming too quantified, like every other sport? (35:40)
  • What is the most important writing lesson he took from covering David Foster Wallace? (43:51)
  • Why does he believe that skateboarding has no journalism? (50:28)
  • Was detailing his marriage difficulties the most difficult thing to write about? (52:48)
  • What will he do when he can no longer skateboard, and how close is he to that point? (1:00:50)