The Future is Analog

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In episode #299, award-winning writer David Sax chats with Trey Elling about THE FUTURE IS ANALOG: HOW TO CREATE A MORE HUMAN WORLD. Topics include:

  • How the pandemic exposed the flaws of going too digital (0:22)
  • The value of working at an office with your coworkers (3:28)
  • The false promises of technology evolving education (18:45)
  • What schools could learn from kindergarten (26:42)
  • The initial vision of e-commerce vs what it became in this era of Amazon (36:19)
  • The analog value of cities (45:38)
  • The importance of shared, live experiences (49:32)
  • Analog conversations healing loneliness and depression through “social prescribing” (54:09)
  • Unplugging for the good of the soul (59:25)
  • David’s thoughts on the Metaverse (1:07:05)