Putting the Rabbit In the Hat

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Emmy-winning actor Brian Cox chats with Trey Elling about PUTTING THE RABBIT IN THE HAT. Questions include:

  • What inspired the book’s title? (1:18)
  • Brian was eight when his dad died. How did his life change after that? (3:50)
  • Why did a schoolyard fight in grade school provide him with his first lesson on acting? (5:22)
  • When and why did Shakespeare begin to click for him? (8:24)
  • Considering Brian played the first Hannibal Lecktor in the 1986 film MANHUNTER, why has he never discussed the role with his friend Anthony Hopkins? (13:03)
  • What were his impressions of working with a young Wes Anderson and Bill Murray on RUSHMORE? (15:01)
  • Why does he feel like he only truly became a Scot after leaving the country? (19:17)
  • Why is Brian’s work in 2006’s THE ESCAPIST his favorite screen performance? (21:20)
  • How did learning that Logan Kent loved his kids convince Brian to accept the role in SUCCESSION? (25:19)
  • As someone who has always pursued ‘the reason why’, what is that ‘why’ in 2022? (27:41)