Phil Rosenthal

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Phil Rosenthal⁠, star of Netflix’s Somebody Feed Phil and creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, chats with Trey Elling, prior to his annual appearance at the ⁠ATX TV Festival⁠. Phil also co-hosts the podcast, Naked Lunch. And he’s written two books, Somebody Feed Phil The Book and Just Try It!, a children’s book co-authored with his daughter, Lily.

Topics include:

  • Chicago (0:00)
  • A love for television (2:46)
  • Meeting Bruce Springsteen (7:14)
  • Meeting Larry David (10:03)
  • Phones at the dinner table (11:54)
  • Food: the key to bipartisanship (13:07)
  • Phil’s books (16:18)
  • Favorite ATX food (18:05)
  • Norman Lear (21:08)
  • An ode to shared meals (23:16)