Nature Wants Us To Be Fat – Part 2

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Dr. Rick Johnson chats with Trey Elling about NATURE WANTS US TO BE FAT: THE SURPRISING SCIENCE BEHIND WHY WE GAIN WEIGHT AN HOW WE CAN PREVENT–AND REVERSE–IT. Listen to part one of their conversation HERE. Topics in part two include:

  • Why sugar/fructose can fuel problems like ADHD (0:00)
  • Drinking vs eating fructose (10:42)
  • Fructose in vegetables and fruits (17:51)
  • Dairy and the ‘survival switch’ (22:11)
  • Exercise and the ‘survival switch’ (24:24)
  • Obesity rates increasing while sugar consumption have decreased since 2000 (27:53)
  • Rick finishing the book, and this chat, with ‘An Ode to Sugar’ (31:33)