Marlon Wayans

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Actor, writer, producer, and standup comedian Marlon Wayans chats with Trey Elling, ahead of his live shows in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. Topics include:

  • Whether he has a preferred type of venue to perform standup (1:39)
  • What he loves about standup that is unique from making movies and tv shows (2:58)
  • Has his brother Damon helped him evolve as a standup (5:26)
  • What it’ll take to get Eddie Murphy to perform standup again (6:55)
  • The key to capturing Richard Pryor’s vulnerability in an upcoming project where he’s playing the legendary comedian (8:00)
  • Whether he has a good Bill Murray story from their time shooting On the Rocks together (10:18)
  • Playing the legendary figure George Raveling in a new film on Nike’s pursuit of Michael Jordan, directed by Ben Affleck (13:09)
  • Could a movie like White Chicks get made in 2022 (14:33)