Kenny Wayne Shepherd

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Renowned guitarist and blues musician ⁠Kenny Wayne Shepherd⁠ chats with Trey Elling, ahead of his ⁠”Dirt on My Diamonds’ Tour⁠ passing through Austin at ⁠ACL Live at the Moody Theatre⁠ on ⁠February 17th⁠. Topics include:

  • Performing in Austin (0:00)
  • Dirt On My Diamonds, Vol. 1 (3:22)
  • His evolution as a singer (6:33)
  • Studio songs that don’t translate live (9:34)
  • Listening to albums, start to finish (10:50)
  • Opening for The Eagles in the mid-’90s (14:50)
  • Making optimistic music (16:01)
  • Parenting joys & challenges (17:41)