How To Be Confident

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Fitness expert, bestselling author, podcaster, and business coach ⁠James Smith⁠ chats with Trey Elling about ⁠HOW TO BE CONFIDENT⁠ and embarking on a ⁠North American speaking tour⁠ for the very first time. Topics include:

  • Connections in Austin, TX (1:09)
  • James’ upcoming North America tour (3:32)
  • The inspiration behind HOW TO BE CONFIDENT (8:04)
  • The importance of failure (10:56)
  • One of James’ favorite quotes (16:58)
  • Nature vs nurture (19:16)
  • The value of being bored (22:53)
  • Feelings and resilience (25:11)
  • Seeking out discomfort (30:55)