Bestselling author Meg Gardiner chats with Trey Elling about HEAT 2. Gardiner co-authored the book with Michael Mann, which serves as the sequel to Mann’s 1995 crime thriller HEAT, starring Al Pacino, Robert Deniro, and Val Kilmer. Topics include:

  • How she and Mann linked up (0:35)
  • Where the book picks up from the film (6:48)
  • Writing dialogue for characters that already exist on the big screen (13:30)
  • The balance of paying tribute to a classic film, while making the current project its own thing (16:06)
  • Turning HEAT 2 into a film or limited tv series (21:03)
  • Running track at Stanford (23:00)
  • Her previous career as an attorney (23:50)
  • Advice for aspiring writers (25:40)
  • Winning Jeopardy! three times in the late 1980s (27:43)