Patagonia ambassador, writer, and fly fisherman Dylan Tomine chats with Trey Elling about HEADWATERS: THE ADVENTURES, OBSESSION, AND EVOLUTION OF A FLY FISHERMAN. Topics include:

  • What he loves so much about fly-fishing (1:49)
  • The allure of steelhead trout (6:24)
  • Why he’s a catch-and-release fly fisherman (7:32)
  • Drinking his yerba mate tea out of a dried goat scrotum in Argentina (8:39)
  • The importance of the Skykomish River (11:42)
  • Reasons for the steelhead population plummeting in the Skykomish (12:53)
  • Whether the federal government is helping conserve steelhead populations (16:12)
  • Vable solutions to help steelhead populations rebound (17:17)
  • The prefect fly-fishing conditions (21:04)