Greg Fitzsimmons

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Comedian and podcaster ⁠Greg Fitzsimmons⁠ chats with Trey Elling, ahead of his headlining shows at ⁠Joe Rogan’s Comedy Mothership⁠. Topics include:

  • The perfect club for comedians (0:35)
  • Disposing of comedy club hecklers (5:04)
  • Greg and his wife nearing empty nester status (7:10)
  • Parents losing to their offspring (8:56)
  • Sports as a way for men to safely express emotion (17:19)
  • Baseball’s ridiculousness (18:39)
  • Trading fight stories (22:49)
  • Whether Greg would ever write another book (28:17)
  • Helping spread the word on Tom O’Neil’s CHAOS (30:17)
  • The current health of the standup business (33:45)