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High school creative writing teacher and first-time author BT Hayes chats with Trey Elling about ⁠EXPECTATIONS⁠. Topics include:

  • The feeling of being published for the first time (0:35)
  • The basis of Expectations (1:32)
  • A timeline for the book (2:10)
  • Enjoying the research (3:28)
  • Picking up teenage dialogue thru his day job (5:33)
  • His fears for his own daughter manifesting in the book (7:25)
  • Have his kids read the book? (9:07)
  • A nervousness in sharing a morbid piece of work (9:24)
  • Why the title is “Expectations” (11:13)
  • Playing with preconceived notions (11:50)
  • A lesson from writing his first novel (14:16)