Escape Into Meaning

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Evan Puschak, the guy responsible for the wildly popular The Nerdwriter channel on YouTube, chats with Trey Elling about ESCAPE INTO MEANING: ESSAYS ON SUPERMAN, PUBLIC BENCHES, AND OTHER OBSESSIONS. Topics include:

  • Coming into his own as a writer (1:46)
  • Lessons learned from Emerson (6:35)
  • Articulating like Jerry Seinfeld (10:03)
  • The brilliance of standup comedy (12:43)
  • Facebook’s true customers (15:37)
  • The greatness of public benches (23:38)
  • Why Venice, Italy is Evan’s favorite place to sit (28:11)
  • Probing Superman’s psyche (30:34)
  • The perfect Superman movie (35:13)
  • Identity with respect to friendship (38:23)