Dangerous Rhythms

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Journalist, screenwriter, and New York Times bestselling author TJ English chats with Trey Elling about DANGEROUS RHYTHMS: JAZZ AND THE UNDERWORLD. In the first of a two-part conversation with TJ, topics include:

  • Why the birth of jazz was about more than merely creating a new sort of language (3:10)
  • How lynchings helped form a bond Sicilian club owners and black jazz musicians in early-1900s New Orleans (6:29)
  • The origins of the term ‘jazz’ (10:22)
  • “Jellyroll” Morton (14:06)
  • The influence of the “Sicilian Black Hand” (16:56)
  • The scene surrounding the earliest Kansas City jazz clubs (20:02)
  • Not shying away from the ugliness that surrounded jazz in its early days (25:19)
  • Louis Armstrong’s move from New Orleans to Chicago in 1922 (32:16)
  • Al Capone hearts Fats Waller (40:50)
  • The birth of the hipster (44:20)