Coming To Our Senses

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Neuroscientist Sue Barry chats with Trey Elling about COMING TO OUR SENSES: A BOY WHO LEARNED TO SEE, A GIRL WHO LEARNED TO HEAR, AND HOW WE ALL DISCOVER THE WORLD. Questions include:

  • Who is Liam, and how did modern medicine allow him to see after years of being legally blind? (01:46)
  • How does ‘museum fatigue’ help explain some of Liam’s difficulties when initially gaining better eyesight? (09:31)
  • Why do the newly sighted see lines, edges, and contours instead of whole objects? (12:50)
  • How did Liam handle reflections? (15:05)
  • Why did Liam struggle with facial expressions, other than ‘happy’ and ‘sad’? (18:40)
  • How did she connect with Zohra, and what was she like back then? (24:07)
  • What is sound, and how do we hear it? (29:16)
  • How much did Zohra’s cochlear implant affect her vision? (31:34)
  • How was Zohra’s love for the rain when she couldn’t hear anything enhanced by her cochlear implant? (37:10)
  • Why did Zohra struggle to understand speech more than general sounds? (40:22)